Welcome to the world of Undulat – clothes, art and more…


The Undulat clothes are different. Not only the design, but also our wish to add a new dimension into everything we do. If you want a unique, personal style together with high quality, the world of Undulat could be what you’re looking for.

We are designing both women’s and men’s wear.


Undulat is all about art. Most of our projects start with a lot of sketches, paintings, graphical prints and photos in search of the right story to tell. This also continues along the whole process of designing a collection of clothes.


Undulat is much more than the art and clothes. Our patented inventions and ideas are already used all over the world. We hope that when you enter the world of Undulat you will start seeing things from a different angle, start reflecting over what you always take for granted and having a feeling that everything is possible. Undulat wants to be a part of making the world a more open-minded place.

Let´s create the future.